Frequently Asked Questions

From rescuing fishermen clinging to an overturned boat in stormy seas, transferring a critically ill baby from a regional hospital to a specialised children’s ward or flying health specialists into isolated areas, the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service is..........Changing Lives! Saving Lives!


The AMS was formed into a trust in 1994, and is managed by a board of trustees and an executive committee.

Your first call should be to the Emergency Rescue Services (dial 10177). The paramedic on scene will then determine if aero-medical rescue is required and is so make the call for an AMS aircraft to be dispatched. Because our Provincial Health Departments are committed to providing this service to the population, having medical insurance is not a requirement.

The AMS provides an air ambulance network, rural health outreach and emergency rescue service to metropolitan areas and remote rural communities.

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As the AMS operates a specialised service, there are stringent criteria for medical, rescue and outreach crew.
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Section 18A Status

South African donors to the AMS will receive a Section 18A tax certificate enabling them to claim a deduction from personal or corporate taxable income. Donor deductability applies to cash donations and donations in kind-such as goods and services. When you submit the receipt with your annual income tax return, you can get up to a a maximum deduction of 5% of your annual taxable income or R1 000 (whichever is greater). Nothing prevents a tax payer from donation amounts in excess of the amount stated, but they will not get a tax break for the amount unless it is greater than five percent of taxable income or R1 000.


In the case of substantial donations, we will arrange a hand over to publicise your donation to local press and acknowledge your donation via our AMS annual report, a link on our website and in our quarterly newsletter, which is distributed across South Africa.