About Us

From rescuing fishermen clinging to an overturned boat in stormy seas, transferring a critically ill baby from a regional hospital to a specialised children's ward or flying health specialists into isolated areas, the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service is changing lives, saving lives.

Established in 1966 by the SA Red Cross Society and formed into an independent trust in 1994, the AMS shares the principles and creed of the South African Red Cross Society. The AMS is a non-profit organisation with bases in the Western Cape (Cape Town & Oudtshoorn ), KwaZulu-Natal (Durban) and the Eastern Cape (East London, Gqeberha & Mthatha) that provides an air ambulance network, rural health outreach and emergency rescue service to metropolitan areas and remote rural communities.

In a land characterised by vast distances, the AMS has become a vital conduit for delivery of regular healthcare services to peripheral areas. We work closely with the Provincial Departments of health and community health workers to assess needs, identify backlogs and implement appropriate healthcare programmes.

The AMS plays a vital role in providing not only emergency rescue and air ambulance services but also a community outreach programme taking critically needed healthcare to impoverished communities.

Our Role

  1. To manage and act as the overall coordinator of the aero-medical, emergency rescue service and rural health outreach in the various provinces in terms of assessing the needs, planning, day to day operations, monitoring and feedback to Provincial and National Health Authorities. 
  2. To access the volunteer network (aero-medical) of the AMS where the Provincial Departments of Health cannot provide the necessary expertise.
  3. To source funding to support the development and expansion of the service.

The AMS will provide help whenever and wherever it is needed. The AMS is committed to Changing Lives, Saving Lives.

Purpose, Mission & Strategy

Purpose: To facilitate pluriversal access to healthcare to those rendered most vulnerable by geographical, social or economic inequity, and in so doing, reduce vulnerability of at-risk communities and judiciously improve the quality of life.

Mission: In support of state-run programmes, AMS will innovatively render rural outreach programmes, clinical training and development for stakeholders and emegergency aero-medical/rescue services.

Strategy: To position AMS in collaboration with government as the civil society provider of choice in the attainment of pluriversal access to quality emergency care in the pre-hospital environment and the rendering of outreach services. 




Our Creed

I believe in the service of mercy,

Wherever disaster calls, there shall I go To alleviate suffering and sorrow.

I ask not who calls but go where I am needed. I have no price for my service, but accept gratitude,

That out of its largess I may expand my mission. I have no barriers of race, class, creed or country,

No barriers of ideology, no obstacles of rivers, Mountains, continents or seas. Wherever human beings are in need, there will I go

To minister unto misery under my banner of merciful fraternal love. Whether it be an earthquake, a landslide, fire or flood,

Ravages of war or disease, all these find me ready for service. I serve all because I am of all, having been born of the

Finest instincts of mankind and Having faith in God and His merciful love of all. You who believe in me, you, so many of whom I have

Mothered in your sons and daughters, strengthen my hand and Re-animate my courage, for I am the spirit

Of humanity marching beneath her cross.

Core Values

Our values are based on humanitarian principles.

This is achieved by:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism