Personal hearing protection donated to AMS KZN Pilots & Engineers

The AMS is grateful for the personal hearing protection that was custom made by the H.A.S.S Group (a total hearing healthcare solutions provider) and fitted by audiologists Gillian Te Brugge and Nishana Saman for the pilots and engineers at the AMS King Shaka Base.

The custom made hearing protection is in the form of an ear mould that is inserted into the ear canal. The device protects your hearing in a noisy environment in which the pilots and engineers are exposed to on a daily basis. The different filters in the device filters out the noise but still allows for communication if your hearing is within the normal limits. Further benefits of custom-made hearing protection are as follows: hygiene, it is made from durable acrylic material which is better than foam plugs, comfortable and easy to clean and also more cost effective than disposable ear plugs.

When asked what the importance of ear protection is, Nishana & Gillian explains… “Pilots and engineers are exposed to prolonged noise which can affect their hearing. If you think about a jet taking off, the sound levels of that noise is between 100-150 dB. That level of sound is enough to rupture an eardrum - compare that to a conversation in a restaurant at 60 dB. It is not just about the level of noise but also the period of exposure. The more you are exposed to noise without ear protection, the more likely you are to develop a hearing loss.  A study by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics in 2013 listed the airline industry secondary only to metal manufacturing for having the highest hearing loss rate of all professions.”

The pilots and engineers first had a baseline hearing test then ear mould impressions were taken to ensure that the hearing protection was custom made to fit the individual’s ear canal.